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South Carolina Lowcountry

Musician, writer, publisher … and full-time caregiver. Sometimes all at the same time.

Currently …

Working on the 2nd draft of Badger Game, a State of Franklin thriller.

State of Franklin is a series of Christian thrillers set in the Tri-Cities area and surrounding hill country. Much edgier than your standard fiction of the genre, East Tennessee Mysteries blends likable but flawed (read: realistic) characters with taut story lines.

ETA late 2017.

Check out my blog and progress report here. Okay, it’s my Patreon page, but it’s the best place I could think of for it.

Caregiver …


I served as family caregiver for three years and realized I wasn’t terrible. Learned a lot of things. I now work for Home Instead Senior Care in Charleston SC. This blog, salted with journal entries, takes you behind the scenes and maybe shares some insights.

Musician …

Been at it for a while – more than 30 years as a professional harmonica player.

Author …


Visit my author pages on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBooks and Smashwords.

Pulsbeat Media …

In true DIY fashion, is my publishing imprint.

The backstory …

In 2014 life flipped over sideways for me. Two aged parents in California needed help with daily living, and I just happened to be their huckleberry. So for the next three years I had a new occupation.

I took care of Mom during the last six months of her life, and took care of Dad for another two and a half years.

Frank Zappa was right. I had turned into my parents. 

Toughest. Job. Ever. But I didn’t stink at it. 

During that California period I managed to scrape together enough time to publish three novels and put my music in front of some fresh audiences. Might as well make the most of the time there, right?

Now back home in South Carolina, it hit me. I had an intensive hands-on three-year education at caregiving, and I didn’t stink at it. So now I’m doing it as a living. But the writing and the music are always a part of me, and sometimes I can do two or three things at a time.