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South Carolina Lowcountry  

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Working on CROAKED, a fun little thriller. It’s in first draft.

A family artifact brings madness and murder to affluent siblings in southern California.

ETA: mid-2018.

Here’s a draft of the first chapter:  

So who’s this Eric Pulsomething guy anyway? 


For three years I served as caregiver for my aging parents in California. I wasn’t terrible at it, and this might have been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. Caregiving became a career as soon as I moved back home. I now work for Home Instead Senior Care in Charleston SC.  


Harmonica player, in demand as a sideman, leaving musical trails on both coasts.

Author of The Beta Testers

This is a true story, and it happened five years from now.

They’re working in an out-of-the-future facility, doing things that matter. But something’s wrong. Joni, Kevin and Lorraine put everything on the line to discover what they’re really beta testing.

An author publishes more than once …

A contest gone bad …

A corporate executive who stops at nothing to save his company a reporter with a chip on his shoulder … a retired homicide cop with a mission … a secretary who knows too much. Result: A wild ride into murder and chaotic attempts at damage control.    


The Arizona/Nevada desert is a good place to find things …

Secrets get buried and uncovered there all the time … so do bodies. When that happens, other forces try to cover the evidence. It takes a pair of misfit reporters and two casino employees to dig it right back up again. What they find puts everyone in danger.  

If you already gave up, can you really start again?

Braden Campbell is an amazing jazz pianist who gives up his talent because it’s time to grow up. As if driving a taxi is a grown-up occupation, that is. Karen Watts writes, and has great credentials as a journalist and freelance writer. However, she never finishes anything because she thinks she isn’t good enough. Robert Blair paints landscapes, portraits and … signs. But only the signs pay and a man has to make a living, right?

My fiction site, which includes random scratchings and drafts.
My publishing imprint. All my printed works are published under the Pulsbeat Media brand. My music, too, once I record some.

In the works: State of Franklin Mysteries

East Tennessee Mysteries is a series of Christian thrillers set in the Tri-Cities area and surrounding hill country. Much edgier than your standard fiction of the genre, East Tennessee Mysteries blends likable but flawed (read: realistic) characters with taut story lines.

Check out my blog and progress reports here. Okay, it’s my Patreon page, but it’s the best place I could think of for it.

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