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Eric Pulsifer – Author and musician

Riverside, CA and Charleston SC — (951) 892-0957

Author of The Beta Testers

This is a true story, and it happened five years from now.

They’re working in an out-of-the-future facility, doing things that matter. But something’s wrong. Joni, Kevin and Lorraine put everything on the line to discover what they’re really beta testing.


ETA of the print version is June 1, 2016 through Createspace.

(I am looking into feasibility of distributing some copies on my own. Short answer: Shipping costs a ton.)


Free-range harmonica

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Other books by Eric Pulsifer

bic-newestcover3… “Here’s the deal. Each of us decides to ourselves what becoming a pro is all about. Then we do it. I’ll tell both you hairy-legged types what. I don’t care what you think, but I’m gonna be the first to make that jump …”




Damage ControlA company contest goes horribly wrong, so it hires a “consultant” to control the damage. Including murder?





Desert VendettaRiverbend, Arizona sits across the Colorado River across from Sagebrush, a Nevada town with a casino and not much else. The side-by-side towns grew from a rivalry between two families that gets deadly. It’s up to reporters Alfredo “Fred” Walker and Richard Lawrence to sort through the bodies.
Plus multiple nonfiction titles …

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Because getting creative is a bloody, messy business.

Computers are fun. Great tools, and you can do a lot with them. They’re also dangerous. Going online can be like, well, swimming in shark-infested water with a pocketful of hamburger. But a little smarts can protect you.

Caregiving: I serve as family caregiver to an aged parent, and this brings a whole new set of challenges I’ve never seen before. This blog, salted with journal entries, takes you behind the scenes and maybe shares some insights.

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