Eric Pulsifer – Caregiver

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So how did I get roped into this anyway? 

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For three years I served as caregiver for my aging parents in California. I wasn’t terrible at it, and this might have been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. Caregiving became a career as soon as I moved back home. I now work for Home Instead Senior Care in Charleston SC. as well as private duty.

Here’s how I like to operate:

  • Aging can be brutal. So many of the most basic things a guy used to do easily are now gone. One of the things that goes is his dignity, and that’s what I like to preserve.
  • Main thing: Keep my client safe. Keep him comfortable. Keep him engaged.

Most of my caregiving notes are from my days as a family caregiver. I wasn’t sure how to continue the blog when I started working through an agency because, well, confidentiality. But I think I can still fill those pages up with something.

I’m also a semi-professional musician (harmonica & sax) and thriller author.